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What the Outdoor Industry Has Taught Us About Visual Storytelling

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As the world becomes more and more accustomed to technological advancements, there is an increased demand for authenticity and participation. Consumers only want to engage with brands that have strong values, a unique personality, and similar beliefs.

Keeping this in mind, brands have come up with ways to include customers in the brand’s journey and story. This helps in creating a more authentic, impactful, and meaningful buying experience for the customers. Visual storytelling is a great way for brands to use their values and connect with their customers. It adds value to a brand and aligns the brand’s offerings with a customer’s needs or demands.

83% of human learning is through visual content. Storytelling helps with this as it makes use of videos and images that people can immediately relate to and connect it with their experiences. Storytelling connects humans, and visual storytelling explores different ways brands can showcase and express their authentic stories and values. The outdoor industry has used visual storytelling to their advantage, and it’s a marketing technique that has helped them inspire their audience and cultivate a good relationship with their customers.

Here’s what the outdoor industry has taught us about visual storytelling.

The Founding Story

Through storytelling, the outdoor industry has been able to show and explain to people the direction they want their brand to move in. The organizations can explain how they came into existence and what they truly believe in.

The stories will help these bands express how they have launched themselves or a certain campaign and how people can relate to it. Future strategies are also built upon visual storytelling, and the founding story will always be a driving force to foster the growth of the brand.

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Bringing People Together

Visual storytelling has helped companies in the outdoor industry build their brand and bring consumers together through inspiring stories. They have built a culture of connecting with customers, who have helped them bring people together.

They use their roots and celebrate stories about their communities so people can relate and reflect upon them. Through storytelling, these brands also want customers to believe in the brand more than the product or service they offer. They want consumers to believe in the ultimate goal and authenticity of the story.

Emotions to Build Trust

The outdoor industry has taken ordinary ventures and turned them into admirable brands through visual storytelling. Visual storytelling uses human emotions to connect with the audience and build trust within their captured audiences and potential or current customers.

By telling stories of their customers’ extraordinary adventures and experiences with their otherwise ordinary product, outdoor brands create an emotional spark with their audience and associate their brand with adventure and other positive emotions.

Enhancing Perceived Value

They tell stories that turn an ordinary item into a significant and valued thing. They help increase the perceived value of their product and services through stories that create an impact on their customers. The connection between human emotions and the product or service a brand is offering is the key here.

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