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Halocene - Savages - (Official Music Video)

Halocene - Savages - (Official Music Video)

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: ►TEXT US FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL: +1 (602) 600-6138 Become our patron for downloads and special perks: Get the new album MAKE IT LOUD: iTunes: Spotify: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Help spread the word about us! We're unsigned! Attn: Fueled By Ramen, Fearless Records, Hopeless Records, we're still here Lyrics: Lights from a glass box tell me what to believe One too many problems, my brain cannot conceive A man with a red tie, tells me that it's easy Savages, savages I just want a quick fix, I still got my own life They say things that feel good, I don't need to ask why Call it entertainment, fighting for the spotlight Savages, savages Four years weaker The world goes dry Been ages since I've seen the sky We're savages on the run The damage can't be undone They will call it freedom, like we have a real choice Heroes try to save us, block it out with white noise We're the generation, with a digital voice Four years weaker The world goes dry The age of living it blind We're savages on the run The damage can't be undone We're savages on the run (We live in denial, burn the world in style) The damage can't be undone (We live in denial) We are numb to what we speak There is love somewhere, you'll see We become evil when we're scared Left or right, we are making Up this fight, all for nothing Who is right? I don't even care
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