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5 Storytelling Tips To Make An Engaging Video

Videos are an effective approach for teaching, entertaining, and enticing your audience to return for more. It brings business ideas, brand purpose, and personality to life. It allows you to demonstrate rather than simply tell. This is why more and more companies are investing a lot of their marketing budgets in marketing videos.

Research has also shown that almost 85% of millennials choose to purchase a product after watching a video of the product or the company. Naturally, there has been an emphasis on creating story-driven video content to make it engaging so even more customers are attracted. There are even more tips and tricks to make a video more engaging, and some of them are as followed.

Target the Audience’s Emotions

The more emotions you are able to evoke through your video, the more effective and engaging it will be. So, whenever you’re developing a video idea, consider all the different ways to make a video emotional. All the elements such as colors, music, plot, and setting assist in making it sentimental. However, it’s essential that you stay consistent with that emotion throughout your video, so if you’re working with sad emotions, then highlight them till the end.

Use Customer Testimonials for Videos

A great way to attract your customers while also making your brand seem reliable and trustworthy is through testimonial videos. A great way to showcase your company is by having customers share how you changed their life

You can do that by having your customers talk about what their situation was before you helped them, how your services changed the customers’ lives, and if there was anyone from the company that helped them during the process. The audience is more trustworthy of other customers than someone from the company speaking about how they help their customers.

Use Colors Effectively

Most people overlook the importance of color usage. Colors can have a powerful impact on your video that can set a mood and make it more appealing to the viewers. Every color invokes a certain emotion in the viewer’s mind, and once you know the purpose of your video, you can make subtle usage of colors. If you want to evoke an emotion of danger, power, strength, and love, consider using red while green showcases nature, purity, and health.

Make the Video for the Target Audience

Every marketing campaign needs a target audience, and if you don’t know that, you’re already doing everything wrong. That’s because finding a target audience is one of the initial steps of any business, as it helps you determine a gap in the market that you can fill up with your product. To make a more engaging video, spend time understanding your target market and viewers.

Once you know that, it will be easier to target their pain points which encourages them to make emotional purchases of your product.

Use the Four Storytelling Ps

You must have heard about the 4 Ps of marketing, and just like that, there are 4 Ps of storytelling. Those 4 Ps are essential for video storytelling as they can elevate your whole marketing video.

Plot: The plot of the video essentially helps you understand the story or the narrative.

Purpose: The purpose helps you define what you’re trying to achieve by making the video.

People: The people in the video are all the actors with individual roles that come together to showcase your brand.

Place: Lastly, the place is essentially the setting of your video and how it’s going to influence the narrative of it.

Essentially, all these different components combined make a unique video. Uniqueness is essential for an engaging video as you need to be able to be differentiated from your competitors. If your customers find your video similar to another brand, they will associate your brand with them.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

Perhaps one of the best ways to have an engaging video is hiring a professional company that has worked on many marketing videos before. We're here for you if you’re in Phoenix, Arizona.

We have been making brand videos and providing storytelling solutions to our clients for almost a decade. We love the art of video and filmmaking and are always looking to find unique and compelling ways of storytelling. We’ve worked on numerous projects in the past that you can check out on our website, or contact us for more details.



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