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We offer production utilizing the latest virtual / XR stage technology, which uses large LED volumes, (LED walls), to simulate an environment behind real actors, or can simply be used to create a variety of mesmerizing and beautiful video backgrounds for presentations, ads, and more.

Available facilities include a smaller, budget-friendly stage (30 feet), and a wider curved volume (70 feet), as well as a larger stage in nearby Las Vegas, NV.

What is virtual production?

Virtual production utilizes camera tracking technology, plus LED walls, plus the Unreal Engine video game engine to create an interactive, adaptive, live simulation of an environment.


The image is projected behind the subject of a scene onto LED walls (known as LED 'volumes'), and camera movements are synced through computer to cause parallax, focus blur, and other effects characteristic of shooting on a real-life location, and to sell the illusion.

What are some benefits of virtual production?

Lighting, physical set extension, and other techniques fully cement the illusion that virtual production creates - all without the use of green screen or CGI.


Virtual sets, or ‘scenes’ are fully adjustable on-demand and produce realistic lighting within the scene on actors, props, sets, and vehicles, making it more immersive, believable and often more economical than creating all the effects and environment in post-production.

With virtual production, what you see is what you get, whereas when everything is going to be done after shooting with green screen, CGI, and visual effects, it can leave those without intimate knowledge of the process and capabilities guessing at what the final result will look like.

Virtual production can save money when multiple locations (that may be far apart) are needed in a single day. Instead of the time and cost of moving an entire production to a different location, unloading and setting up equipment, it can all be done in a single location (the studio), which allows for more shooting in a single day.

Who is using virtual production?

Learn more about virtual production:

Productions using virtual production include “The Mandalorian” - Disney, “The Batman” - Warner Brothers
Ads for McDonalds, Genesis Motors, the NFL, and much more.

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