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Using Visual Storytelling to Promote Your Farm

a farm with animals

Stories are not restricted to movies or books. A good story can do wonders for a company or organization’s marketing efforts. Storytelling is a great way to showcase your business and boost your sales.

Visual storytelling is a way farms and businesses in the agricultural sector can promote their business and connect with their customers using emotional branding. And we know for sure, farmers certainly have great stories to tell. Farms have the potential to attract customers by showcasing their business values, their products, and their farm.

What Makes a Good Story?

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. From written word to illustrations to photographs, what makes a story unique is often the unique perspective and characters that it introduces; in this case, that’s the unique story of you, your farm, its origins, and the hard work and sweat that goes into feeding so many people.

Farmers have a unique opportunity to tell powerful stories and use visual storytelling to promote their business in a way that appeals to the masses and anyone who can appreciate what it is farmers do for the world. A good story will help your farm stand out.

Storytelling Methods


These are blogs, social media posts, websites, or any other form of text-based stories. They grab everyone’s attention but not as much as videos or images do.


A good picture can do so much for your business. Whether it’s an illustration, a photograph, or an infographic, it can quickly grab the attention of your target audience. Choose wisely the story you want to tell through an image and how you want it to reach your audience.

A farmland during sunset


People now widely consume videos, and they’re a great way to tell your story as it combines audio with video. You can create and choose your narrative through videos and connect with your target audience. You can read about the many useful applications of video storytelling in other blogs on our site.

How to Stand Out?

To stand out from others, you need a clear message. A clear message you want to communicate to your audience will help you narrow down the story you should tell, and how to tell it. Your narrative needs to be consistent, and your aesthetic should be in line with your business values.

What to Include in Your Storytelling

Storytelling can be useful for you to promote your farm and your products in an authentic way. If you want to promote your business, educate and inform people about it. Only you can decide what you want to include in the story you share with your audience.

What made you start the business? How did you raise the livestock on your farm? What is the story behind all the products you sell on your farm? How has the farm helped you and your family? Why did you start this business? By answering these questions, you can come up with a story that resonates with people.

How to Add Visuals

Farmers can add visuals through wide shots or the landscape of their farm, which will let the viewers get a sense of the place they’re purchasing from. Moredetailed shots can also show the interesting inner workings and details of how the farm works, from equipment to processes, and more, that can contribute to you telling the story of your farm. You can give character to the story, animals, people, or any inanimate object on your farm. You can also use live-action videos to give people a sense of the work environment and movement around the farm.

Get Started with Occulus Films

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