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How Can You Use Visual Storytelling Marketing to Win More Leads?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

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Are you ready to talk about storytelling? Here's the thing: if you're in business and not using visual storytelling marketing techniques, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Why? Because it opens up your product offering to a whole new world of potential leads.

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Visual storytelling marketing is an essential tool in your arsenal, as it helps you form strong relationships with the consumers of your brand. The concept of visual storytelling marketing can be broken down into a few distinct parts.

First and foremost, your business needs to have a clear idea of how it wants to portray itself visually. From there, you need to take that vision for your brand and implement it through various mediums: digital advertising, social media advertising, print advertising, etc. Combining these different mediums will create a narrative for your brand, which is a vital part of visual storytelling marketing. In this guide, you'll learn to use visual storytelling to win more leads.

1. Videos on your website

Visual storytelling marketing is a technique that combines the power of images and words to tell a story. Visual storytelling on your website can be as simple as using photos, videos, or GIFs to illustrate your company's products or services.

Some entrepreneurs use video to tell the story of their company and the people behind it. Others use images to give customers a sneak peek of how they might feel about their products.

2. Video on YouTube or Vimeo

Visuals help you make your message more memorable and help people understand what you're trying to tell them. The best way to market with visuals is by making videos, either on YouTube or Vimeo.

If you want to use a marketing video, the first thing you need to do is think of a video idea. You'll also need a video recording device, editing software, and an online platform to upload your videos. There are plenty of free online platforms where you can upload and share your videos.

Visual storytelling marketing is exactly what it sounds like, an engaging and highly visual way to tell your story. Get started now by picking a time in the past when something interesting happened at your company and start filming.

3. Infographic on a landing page

There is never a shortage of data to back up the value of infographics in marketing. To use infographics for visual storytelling marketing, you can create an infographic for a specific product or service and place it on your company website or blog. You could also create a long-form infographic that tells the story of how a product or service was made. This allows you to provide more information about the product or service engagingly.

The best infographics combine words and images in a manner that combines both the viewer's left brain and right brain activities. When this happens, the viewer will be more likely to remember the information in the infographic and share it with others.

The best infographics can also help your business stand out from your competitors. If you create an infographic that includes interesting facts about a product or service, you can use that infographic to attract new customers to your website or blog. You can also include the infographic on your social media accounts to get more people interested in what you have to offer.

Infographics are also a great way to build credibility with your audience. Visual content is naturally more engaging than text alone, and infographics are no exception. People are naturally drawn to video storytelling but also crave stories. These two components make visual storytelling successful in generating leads through infographics.

A marketing video of a man smoking.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and win more leads, a video storytelling solution is an effective marketing strategy for many businesses. To learn more about how you can use brand video production services or promotional video production services to increase your leads, contact our team today.


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