Whatever type of video marketing or branding assistance you need, we can help.

Occulus Films provides top-notch video production services as well as consultation and advice on the best use of video content, and we often help our clients develop a strategy to best leverage their investment in video for their marketing and branding.

We are a full-service production company that provides complete video storytelling solutions for your business, non-profit, or organization, from start to finish.

Occulus Films is based in Phoenix, Arizona but we serve clients across North America, and we are experienced in many video services, such as creating testimonial videos, non-profit fundraising videos, company and brand story videos, web promotion videos, event and event highlight videos, documentary-style videos, cinematic-style marketing videos, adventure, travel, and lifestyle videos, and more.

To better understand our process and how we work with you to achieve results, see our process page.


One of our most important services: we sit down and talk with you to understand your organization, its values, challenges, and goals. We offer expert advice for free and use our knowledge about video development to offer solutions tailored to your needs.


We aren't purely technical experts. Excellent storytelling is what will set your content apart from the competition and connect your audience with you emotionally. That's our star skill and we integrate it into everything we do.


You're the expert. Your audience can trust your expertise and values. We show your audience that's the case. We can increase your brand's credibility, expert positioning, and share your values with your audience with branding content, tailored to you.


Our attention to detail & eye for aesthetics guides everything we do. We design professional-quality content that elevates your image. We make deliberate creative choices based on our consultation with you, which allows us to understand your brand and goals and provide the highest quality of video development service.