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4 Things Every Marketer Should Consider Before Creating A Brand Video

Video marketing is perhaps the most powerful digital marketing tool businesses have to promote their brand. The majority of consumers admit to making a purchase after watching a marketing video. But creating videos to capture your brand’s story isn’t a piece of cake.

Effective video production requires a great deal of expertise and time, backed by a killer marketing strategy. And whether people will admit it or not, they may have video production questions. However, only a few dare to seek answers. Apparently, you’re one of them!

Creating a brand video is a massive investment, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. That being said, here are a few considerations that can help you (and our Phoenix video production company team) to drill down into the heart of your story and determine the best way to convey the message to your audience.

Understand the Big Picture

Understanding the ultimate objective of your business and marketing campaign is a key element in creating a highly impactful video. Therefore, be sure to have thought through and understand your overall campaign goal, purpose, and the key messages you intend to communicate to the target audience. Moreover, align the video with your other marketing campaign elements and note that brand continuity is super important when the video is part of a bigger marketing initiative.

Determine Timeline and Budget

Be sure to share your ideal turnaround time with the video production company, even if you feel the timeline is highly ambitious. The experts at Occulus Films will let you know if your expectations match reality. Next, before setting a budget for the project, think about the scope of what you’re asking for, considering the amount of work that may be necessary within the timeline - to the best of your ability. However, be sure to provide yourself with a decent cushion in your budget in case you or your video production company partner are inspired with new ideas during the planning process. Finally, don’t forget the age-old saying: You get what you pay for!

Define Video Audience

When it comes to video marketing, the audience is everything. If you fail to identify your target audience an