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Why You Need Video Marketing To Promote Your Business

Video marketing isn’t a new concept as originally, the concept was originally in the form of television commercials. However, with the growth of digital media, video marketing has grown immensely. There is still a lot of value in the television commercial industry, with it being second in value in terms of ad revenue, but the internet has revolutionized video marketing. Video marketing on the internet has brought a lot of possibilities that were unimaginable before the introduction of the internet. These possibilities allow better reach, growth, engagement, and brand awareness. Essentially, the internet has allowed the possibility of reaching a global audience instead of a city, state, or country. This is to highlight all the benefits of marketing videos in this digital age and to convince you to invest in video marketing.

The Future is Bright

As mentioned earlier, technology has evolved in video marketing. However, we can definitely say that it’s still not at its peak, and there’s huge potential in video marketing. The likes of virtual and artificial reality are just starting, and you can expect these technologies to further evolve how video marketing works. Furthermore, streaming services are also relatively new, and are encouraging businesses to invest more in brand videos.

Videos Improve SEO

If there’s one reason you need to invest in marketing videos, then it should be that videos are great for search engine optimization (SEO) and can significantly improve your rankings. If you put effort into video development and try to optimize it, you can increase organic traffic to your website. A few valuable ways to do that are to use an exciting title, quality content, engaging storytelling, and a relevant thumbnail. You may have noticed that Google loves showing videos from YouTube in search results. So, you need to try and optimize it to be shown in those results.

Great For Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and if a person is opening your emails today, it’s an achievement. However, according to research, videos have become a great addition to email marketing—there’s an increase of 13% in click rates when there’s a video in the CTA. This is why more and more marketers have started to develop professional, high-quality videos so they can be incorporated into emails and other digital channels.

More Engaging than other Marketing Strategies

Another huge reason you need to start investing in marketing videos is that they are the perfect way to showcase your company’s brand values a culture. A good marketing video can be a great way to attract new customers by creating trust, reliability, and honesty. A consumer always looks for qualities that make them feel wanted, and you can do that through a compelling brand video.

Another way to create trust and reliability is through testimonial videos of people talking good things about your brand and company. A consumer will always trust a fellow consumer more, which will encourage them to buy your services or products.

Videos are Shareable

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using video marketing in this digital age is that any video can be shared with anyone around the world. The possibility of your marketing video going viral can improve your visibility significantly.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are perfect for posting videos as research has shown that there are 10 times more engagements on a post with a video in it, especially on Twitter. Plus, the availability of the internet and smartphones enable users to access your branded videos from anywhere around the world.

We can help you develop some of the best marketing and brand videos as we are a professional video production company. We have provided a wide range of video production services to our clients for the past eight years, including story-driven video content and film production.

We have worked on various promotional videos for our clients and have the experience and skills to do it for you too. You can check out our past work on our website, and if you want to learn more about our services, then you can contact us directly.

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