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Animated Videos: How to Bring Your Business to Life

Businesses need to make a lasting impression on customers quickly. Otherwise, they’ll lose potential customers’ attention and fail to convert their interest into sales. Digital marketing has exploded in the past decade or so. As the internet and social media become more widespread, organizations concentrate their marketing efforts online to target a larger demographic.

However, the reality is that digital marketing is fast-paced. You have to make an impression quickly. That’s where animated videos can help your business immensely. Animation has often got a bad rap from people who harbor misconceptions that it only appeals to children, but the truth is that animated content is distinct and can help you stand out.

Not only can animated videos help bring your business to life, but they’re also a cost-effective way to market your company. Let’s look at how you can use animated videos for your business.

Bringing Your Business to Life with Animated Videos

Here’s how animated videos can bring your business to life:

Customer Engagement and Recall

Animated videos often pique users’ interest because they’re fun and imaginative. If you know how to create an animated video properly, you can convey your brand’s message in an enthralling manner. Research shows animated videos help increase recall by at least 15 percent or more. If you want to stand out from the sea of other businesses in your field, animated videos can help.

Delivering Your Message

Let’s assume your brand has created a new, revolutionary product unlike any other on the market. Naturally, people won’t know how your product works. They’ll need some guides to help them understand your product. That’s where animated videos can play a big part. Handling consumers at this stage is a delicate matter because you have to keep them engaged while conveying your message. Animated videos can enthrall people while helping them learn more about your product. As a result, you’ll notice many organizations often have animated explainer videos. Research shows animated explainer videos are an excellent way to introduce potential customers to new products and convert them. Many organizations have reported a 20 percent increase in conversion rates using animated explainer videos.

Perfect for All Marketing Channels

One of the things that makes animated videos excellent for businesses is their versatility. Most animated videos are perfect for every marketing channel you can name. Whether it’s social media, TV, or digital advertising boards, well-crafted animated videos can strike the appropriate balance between fun, informative, and professional. Unlike live-action videos, animated videos don’t require tweaks like using heavy graphics or adding text to make them more suitable for different marketing channels. Studies show that animated videos work well across the board.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Storytelling plays a crucial part in ensuring a video’s success. Animated videos can let you tell any story you want about your brand or product. For instance, you could create an animation showcasing how a person discovers your product, and the discovery changes their life.

Likewise, you could create a more emotionally compelling video tugging at people’s heartstrings. For instance, if you’re an environmentally-conscious brand, you could create a video highlighting the impact of climate change on future generations and how your product can help negate that impact.

Animated videos are an excellent way to bring ideas to life creatively while staying true to your brand’s identity.

Create Compelling Animated Videos for Your Brand with Assistance from Occulus Films

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