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Occulus Films Recognized with Gold Viddy Award for Bayer Video

We are proud to announce that Occulus Films has won a gold Viddy award for our work on a video in the series "Roots: Stories Behind the People Who Help Feed the World". This video was produced for client Bayer, and specifically highlights Melon 1, a family-run farm in Florida and one of the United States' largest suppliers of watermelon.

The story of how Melon 1 farm came to be is truly inspiring and we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to share it with the world. The technology, process, team, and hard work that go into producing delicious watermelon for consumers is incredible and we are honored to have been able to tell their story.

Storytelling excellence is extremely important to the Occulus Films team and we look forward to helping more of our clients in 2023. Thank you Bayer and Melon 1 for trusting us with your story!

Here's the story, if you'd like to watch.

The Importance of Storytelling