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7 Common Video Types & How They Help Your Business Grow

Are you thinking about hiring a video production company or videographer in Phoenix to create marketing content for your business? There are many applications of video content for business, so we'll break down a few of the most common video types and what they do for you.

It's not enough to make purely informational video content for your business.

At Occulus Films, our specialty is leveraging the power of storytelling to capture your customer's heart.

This is because storytelling is a proven, effective method for connecting with your website visitors, customers, and audience.

However, the storytelling approach is a topic for another article.

Having video content of any kind for your business will give you the proven benefits of increased lead conversion, improved brand image, longer site visits (lower bounce rate), and more.

Here are some of the most common video types.


6 Common Video Types

Each video type serves a different purpose, though there are some overlaps in the benefits each provides.

1. Story-Based Video Testimonials

(This is an Occulus Films specialty.) Story-based video testimonials are a bit different than the typical testimonial. Most testimonials consist of people saying great things about you for 3-5 minutes. There's definitely value in that! It tells your website visitor (your potential customer) that others have confidence in your skills and that adds to your credibility.

However, story-based testimonials pack a more powerful punch. Story-based testimonials tell a story of how your business helped someone and it made a big impact in their life - in the ways that your business could.

Another way to think of these might be as 'incredible service stories'. Can you think of someone who has an incredible story and your service made an outsized impact for them?

Benefits of story-based testimonials:

  • Move viewers emotionally, motivating them to choose you

  • Connects viewers with what you do - makes it feel real

  • Makes the viewer feel 'this could be me' when looking for that service or product

  • Converts site visitors into clients

  • Builds buyer confidence


2. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a category that includes traditional 15, 30, or 60-second ads that sell your business, your brand, and motivate people to contact you for a specific service/promotion. They can also include longer promotion videos for a group or service you are trying to bring attention to. They can take many styles and forms.

Here's what promotional videos can do for your business:

  • Good for social media and traditional media promotion

  • Helps convert viewers to clients

  • Helps people remember you


3. Branding Videos / Origin Story Videos

Branding videos tell your business's story. They connect potential clients to you and your team as real people by showing how your business came to be. It humanizes what you do for people.

A classic example of this is the origin story for Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona. Their origin story is an excellent example of how to connect with your customers. The imagery of a son working with his father and mentoring him how to work hard really hooks the viewer in and connects them emotionally with your company.

Origin story videos are particularly great for the 'about us' page on your website.

The radio commercial is better, but the video is solid as well.

The unfortunate downfall of this video is the business tries to tell the story instead of relying on imagery to show you the story and bring you through it in a more personal and experiential way. Show the relationship between the boy and his father - not just talk about it.

Here's an example from our portfolio of a brand story:

What a brand video or origin story video does for you:

  • Communicates to viewers what kind of people are your clients ('Do I fit them?')

  • Explains who you are, why you do what you do, and what you do

  • Helps convert visitors into clients

  • Connects people to your business emotionally


4. Product / Service Videos

Product videos and service videos provide information about a specific product or service. They clear up questions potential customers have and help them make buying decisions by letting them know what they can expect from your product or service.

This is especially helpful in industries that most consumers don't understand, like highly technical ones.

  • Builds confidence in your expertise

  • Helps convert visitors into clients

  • Makes clients' lives (and choices) easier


5. Event Videos

Highlight something you are doing / did that people missed out on, or the event features a project that you completed and demonstrates your capabilities (ex. construction time-lapse)

  • Brings awareness to your brand

  • Updates the public and your supporters/customers

  • Keeps you on top-of-mind for potential customers


6. Educational Videos

This category includes how-to videos, tutorials, video guides, frequently asked question (FAQ) videos, and more. They provide explanation of a confusing topic, demonstrate how to do something, or otherwise provide valuable information to people.

They don't overtly advertise your service or have a call-to-action. Instead, they:

  • Add value to visitors, makes them more likely to contact you over someone else

  • Build your professional credibility

  • Help direct traffic to your website


7. Explainer Videos

This category includes any kind of video that is trying to provide information, usually to describe a process, organization, and technical information - to communicate information, and not quite to teach. It's a subtle difference. Often this style is used to describe products or services that may not be easy to wrap your mind around, to help someone understand a concept.

These videos:

  • Can be entertaining

  • Provide value to potential customers, website visitors, etc.

  • Help visitors understand a difficult concept or topic

  • Help direct traffic to your website


Videos don't have to be 'all business'. Communicate your brand's personality!

Show your humanity to your customers. It will help connect them to your brand and make them more likely to come back. (It's okay to have fun!)


Our philosophy at Occulus Films

We are storytellers. We focus on using the emotional power of storytelling to capture your customer's heart. Our videos can help them to remember you, boost your brand image, reveal your great expertise, and ultimately, motivate potential customers to stick around and buy from you.

We want you to know that it's important to us to only shoot videos that will serve your needs - after talking with you and learning about your business goals, your customers, and your marketing approach.

This list wasn't exhaustive, but hopefully helpful. If video is right for you, what kind you use really depends on what your goals are right now. If there are any particular roadblocks or challenges you are having right now, those are areas to consider using a video to boost your marketing and lead conversion.

If you need a videographer or video production company in the Phoenix area to consult with you and see how you can leverage video for your business or non-profit, contact us at 480.421.8043.


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