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7 Tips to Ensure Your Business Event is Successful

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Business events and conferences are an essential part of running a business successfully. These kinds of formal events give people the opportunity to network, market their services and products and form new business relationships. While there are plenty of online tools, such as Zoom and Google Meet, that have helped us successfully market while we were in quarantine, no one can deny the importance of in-person events.

But planning a business event isn't as easy as it sounds, especially if you are planning a physical one. A lot goes into planning the perfect event, and it often leaves organizers anxious and overwhelmed. That is unless you know how to go about planning a successful event.

Plan Beforehand

It is a good idea to plan the event months in advance, especially if it's a big one. It's not uncommon for people to start planning 5 to 6 months in advance. This is because people want to give themselves room for error. Plus, f the event is being held at an external location, then you will probably have to book a restaurant or any other space that is big enough to hold your party months in advance. Not to mention inviting guests, taking care of catering and lighting, and other similar things.

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Outline An Objective

You should figure out what the event is actually for because this will help you invite appropriate guests and help you plan better. Is the event for a brand launch, customer acquisition, retention, brand promotion, or a particular purpose? Your entire strategy will change depending on the objective of your event because an event for the customers will be completely different from an event planned to network with other businesses.

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Set a Theme

If you wish to create a lasting impression, setting up a theme for the whole event is really good. People are more likely to remember a themed event. Plus, the theme doesn't have to be overpowering, gaudy, or difficult to achieve; you could theme costumes, décor, or even just the menu.

Set Up a Budget

Whether you agree or not, budget is without a doubt the most important thing to consider while planning a business event. This is because a business event is going to cost you a lot of money, and for most businesses, it is a major expense. Nailing down a budget at the beginning of the planning is a great way to ensure that you don't get overzealous while planning.

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Remain Flexible

In the month leading up to the major event, things are going to change, and this is because no matter how hard you try or how early you start, things are susceptible to change. And a situation like this can be pretty stressful for most, especially if you have other job responsibilities.

So, whether it is the location of the event, event time, or even the type of event itself, you have to go in with an open and flexible mindset. Coming to terms with this fact early on will prepare you mentally if something goes wrong. Plus, if you think you can't deal with the pressure of planning, you could give the responsibility to someone who can manage their stress and is more flexible.

Negotiate With the Vendors

It is essential that you quote at least a handful of vendors before settling on the best one. Researching and getting quotes from different vendors will give you a better idea of the market costs, helping you negotiate the final price.

Don't settle for an overpriced vendor; instead, choose one that offers a fair price. You can negotiate with your vendor and try to get the best price possible because everything can be negotiated. While negotiating may seem embarrassing, remember that there can be unforeseen costs that could cause you to go over the budget.

Assign Responsibilities

It might be tempting to do everything yourself because, let's be honest, all of us think that no one can do the job better than us. But you are probably overlooking responsibilities or overworking yourself in order to take care of everything on your own. But it is neither a smart decision nor is it the most productive way to achieve things. It would be a better idea to assign everyone different tasks so that the pressure gets equally distributed. And although it will take some effort to coordinate everything, you can create a separate group to handle all the event-related activities.


Another part of planning an event is capturing the event's highlights so that you can look back and bask in its success. If you are thinking about hiring a video production company, then you it is important that you only hire one that has previously handled live events. Aside from that, you should always try to pre-arrange microphones, slide show equipment, and other equipment at the location so that the video production company can have access to high-quality audio.

It might also be a good idea to arrange wireless microphones if you plan to have break out or Q&A sessions. This way the participants can be easily heard, and your video production company will also be able to record good audio. You should also communicate with the company you hire beforehand if you plan to livestream because there is a completely different set up for hybrid events.

If you are looking for a video production company in Phoenix that creates event highlight videos, consider choosing Occulus Films. Aside from that, they also create storytelling video content, promotional videos, and travel video production, among other things.

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