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4 Ways to Use the Power of Video Testimonials to Create Leads

Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust in your brand. A testimonial is equivalent to an intimate recommendation for a product/service to a prospect searching for a solution.

On the other end of the spectrum, videos are also a crucial weapon in your digital marketing arsenal. They’re engaging, entertaining, and easy to digest. Joining the two together builds a powerful marketing tool to generate sincere and entertaining commendations from existing clients.

video testimonials

And frankly, who do you think prospects will trust more? A profit-thirsty brand warbling their own praise or a real customer who has already used a product/service?

Our bet is on the latter.

Video testimonials have the power to create leads, boost conversions and persuade site visitors to take action. So if you have video customer testimonials but aren’t using them to their fullest capacity, you’re leaving much behind.

Unlocking the Power of Video Testimonials

Here’s how you can best use customer testimonials to drive lead generation and drive results:

Landing Page

There isn’t any better way to leverage a video testimonial than publishing it on your landing page. This can notably boost conversions as the testimonial will serve as proof that your product/service works. In fact, according to a study, using video testimonials on a landing page can drive the conversion rate by 86%!

Moreover, you can use the testimonial videos at multiple stages of the marketing funnel. You can use it to create product interest and awareness at the top of the funnel, as well as at the bottom of the funnel, to generate revenue by converting leads into customers. You’re the judge here.

Social Media

Nearly half of the world’ population actively uses social media. Making it one of the reasons why marketers and brands are investing crazily in their social media marketing strategy. And that’s exactly why you should also leverage this platform for video testimonials. It’ll be much easier to reach your target audience if you post customer testimonials on the right social networks instead of spending exorbitant budgets on all futile mediums.

Convert Customer Testimonials into Case Studies

Each customer testimonial is a full-fledged case highlighting how your product/service solved a problem. What’s better than sharing this information with your prospects in the form of a video case study so they can get inspired? Research shows that case studies can significantly help in accelerating lead generation and boosting conversions. Remember, each customer testimonial is a success story and must be treated like one.


Video testimonials provide brands with an excellent opportunity to engage with their subscribers and bring them back from the edge. It’s important to remember that not all subscribers are active buyers and, in fact, belong to different levels of the marketing funnel. Those who have not made a purchase yet, send testimonial videos via newsletters or email in order to persuade them to become buying customers.

Get Started…

Growing your brand gets easier when you know what needs to be done and how. A single testimonial video of satisfied customers can help your brand connect with a wide audience across multiple channels and is an amazing way to generate leads, especially because it has a higher retention rate than mere text content.

Video testimonials foster emotional connections and can help your audience understand how valuable your product/service is to their needs. Keep in mind; there isn’t any right or wrong way of using customer testimonials; what’s important is that you are ready to tweak your strategies in case the existing ones don’t work.

If you aren’t sure whether you’re headed in the right direction, our Phoenix video production experts are happy to help. Contact us at 480.421.8043 today to explore our services.


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