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4 Creative Marketing Video Ideas to Delight Your Audience

Videos can really suck you in! First you were watching a tutorial, next your watching one thing, then another... We bet each one of you has lost track of time while surfing through videos at least once in your life.

After all, good video content is highly entertaining, easily consumable, and super engaging. Studies reveal that 55 percent of people in the world watch online videos daily, whereas 78 percent watch online videos every week.

4 creative marketing video ideas

The fact that videos hold so much potential for engagement, interaction, and shares for

businesses easily makes them one of the best digital marketing tools you can use.

But we can’t deny that producing creative videos can, at times, become a tad bit overwhelming. Even with countless video tools available out there, many businesses struggle to come up with creative marketing video ideas that appeal to their audience.

In this post, we have rounded up four easy, fun, and creative marketing video ideas to help get your creative juices pumping.

Let’s begin.


Similar to a typical documentary, you can make micro-documentaries to narrate interesting stories or explore topics in which your audience might be interested. For instance, if you are an animal-pro cosmetic business, you can make a micro-documentary (also called microdoc or short film) showcasing all your products being animal cruelty-free. The length of micro‐documentaries can be anywhere from two to five minutes, but they are an excellent way to get a story or message across in that limited time.

Brand Story

Remember, a great product/service is not enough to fuel the growth of your business. To truly thrive, you must draw in customers and earn their trust with sincere, unique messaging. Brand storytelling is a foolproof technique for connecting to your audience on a more personal level. When a brand tells its story – its values, purpose, and how they benefit others – customers realize that they share the same aspirations and beliefs as the business. With this newfound connection, they’ll be more eager than ever to find out more about your product/service.

Brand storytelling can occur through numerous mediums, like photo ads, blog posts etc. however, in today’s time, the best way to tell great brand stories is through videos. The creative combination of visuals, music, movement and more in video engages the audience on a deeper level than conventional mediums like text or audio alone.

Promo Videos

Fun-filled, music-video style promo videos can be great for special occasions and holidays. They can be used to build and highlight your brand’s personality, and can even humanize it by showing your employees what your brand truly believes in. Short promotional videos are also great tools for promoting discounts, or launching a new product/service.


Can you think up a clever spin-off of a popular music video, movie clip, or anything funny that has been making rounds across the web recently? Audiences love viewing twists on fresh and relevant topics and, if you think you can use this to your advantage, don’t wait too long and give it a shot! Don’t let the trend fade and be quick to act, or else you’ll just be serving stale bread, and nobody wants that.

Occulus Films: Turning Visions Into Reality

The list of creative marketing video ideas can go on, but that’s it for today.

At Occulus Films, we truly believe in the power of video marketing. And we’re tired of witnessing interesting brands be sold short with uninspired, cookie-cutter video content. Since 2013, our professional videographers have traveled to clients all around the globe and have worked with all types of businesses, from small non-profits, to small family-owned businesses, to large international corporations.

Let us help you attract and convert people from curious visitors into paying customers – using the skills of video production and storytelling.

For more information, contact us at 480.421.8043 or


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