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Occulus Films is an ideal partner for marketing agencies.


Our focuses are integrity, excellent service, and delighting our clients. Our depth of experience in a variety of production scenarios, our tight team, and our outstanding professional network mean that we can accomplish anything.

We know there are certain things an agency looks for in a partner. We commit to you that we will provide these things.

  • 100% commitment. Once we're on board, we do everything in our power to make the project successful and make you look great to your clients. Your success is our success.

  • Professionalism at all times. We understand that in your clients' eyes, we are an extension of your team and we conduct ourselves accordingly. That means complete professionalism and a positive, can-do attitude from all our crew. We don't hire whiners--we hire winners.

  • Excellent communication. We never leave you on 'read'. We respond to emails, calls and texts within 24 hours. We communicate often and clearly, talk about expectations, and strive for mutual understanding.

  • Our videos are effective. We are focused on getting results for you and your clients. We understand your client is making an investment and understand business metrics matter.

  • Cost-sensitive. We understand long-term business relationships. Some projects have big budgets, some are mid-sized with wiggle room, others are tight. We are sensitive to that. We use high-end equipment, techniques, and crew when needed but we won't shove them down your throat. We only recommend something we actually think is necessary.

  • Problem-solving. We do everything we can to find a way to say 'yes'. We don't make your life harder; we make it easier. We want to help you carry the load, not heap more on.

  • Teamwork, not competition. We will never be in competition with you for your clients--ever. That's a violation of trust and integrity. We are members of your team while serving your clients and will never go behind your back.

  • Never stop improving. We are absolutely committed to improvement. That means you can trust us to correct mistakes (we will make some, we aren't perfect). We seek feedback and carefully consider how to implement improvements, so over time as you work with us, we will only do a better job for you.

Whoo! That was a lot, we know...


But we think it's important. You want someone you can trust and know they'll do a great job.


A team that has your back, always.


That's Occulus Films.


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