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Who is NICK LAROVERE? - A visionary director whose gritty style provokes and inspires on any budget. He leads high-performing teams to create quality projects.

His parents sent him to military boarding school when he was 14. This only happens in movies, right? Nope. Left at the academy gates, he was left to sink or swim, but soon adapted and excelled.  Soon after, Nick got his start in filmmaking making action and comedy videos with his brother, starting with an adaptation of "War of the Worlds". 


For Nick, finding filmmaking was an epiphany. After years of trying many artistic ventures such as singing, writing, and painting, this was a medium he could finally sink his teeth into. He naturally gravitated toward visual storytelling.

In 2014, Nick started a production company and has since created dozens of projects for a wide variety of clients. He’s directed, produced, shot, and/or edited for projects from commercials, events, dance and music, to short and feature films. More recently, he directed and edited a PSA/presentation aid for nonprofit Starbright Foundation, which aids in informing the public and rescuing abused and trafficked children.

He’s currently producing feature film “Expo” with filmmaker Joseph Mbah for the Paradox Universe brand. His first feature film, “Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire” has international distribution and is set for release July 2017 on VOD, DVD, and more. Nick has several projects in development, including a feature film, and a documentary on the human trafficking trade in Arizona (in collaboration with Starbright Foundation).

About Nick's personal style:

He gravitates toward the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Isaac Asimov, and pulls inspiration from Ghost in the Shell, Mad Max, Mass Effect, Book of Eli, and Dead Space, just to name a few. Childhood favorites? Harry Potter, Pendragon, and Eragon.

Nick always seeks ways to challenge himself and constantly push his creations further, working with others who have the same ambitions.

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